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Value of the Arts in a Science, Engineering and Sports Intensive Town

Corvallis, Oregon was originally called Marysville, Corvallis. It was incorporated in 1845 and renamed as “Corvallis” in 1853. As locals know, Corvallis is more than Beavers sports and HP. The “Working with Waves” program was born in Corvallis in the early 1990’s by local artist and educator, Carol Selberg. One decade later arts funding from public […]

WAVES Class @ ‘ La Escuelita’

A new 10-week WAVES workshop on Monday afternoons in Corvallis, OR. This class will be taught in English. Instructor: Jesse Felix Dates: Mondays beginning September 19 – November 28, 2016 ( no class Thanksgiving week) Ages: 5-8 year olds Time: 2pm-3.30pm Cost: $120 for 10 weeks or $15 drop in class Location: ‘ La Escuelita’ in Corvallis, Oregon To Register: Call […]

Call for clay heart making volunteer kids

Hi! This is teacher Laura calling for help producing clay hearts for a upcoming local benefit. Needing help from kids making small clay hearts. Goal is 300 (non-cookie cutter) hearts by mid-Sep 2015 for Benton hospice volunteers. I can provide clay and firing. Email if you want to help. You rock =)

Polyhedra ~ Art

Cool crystals but what does Polyhedra mean? A polyhedron is the three-dimensional version of a polygon: it is a chunk of space with flat walls. In other words, it is a three-dimensional figure made by gluing polygons together. The word is Greek in origin, meaning many-seated. The plural is polyhedra. The polygonal sides of a polyhedron are […]


Why does a tomato look red?

Why does a tomato look red? When sunlight shines on a tomato, the red part of the sunlight is reflected back again off the tomato’s skin, while all the other colors of lights are absorbed (soaked into) the tomato, so you don’t see them. That’s just as true of a blue book, which reflects only […]