Electromagnetic Waves

infrared-radiation-heat-transferred-space-2The focus of our last lesson is to bring together all that we have learned about waves and the electromagnetic spectrum. Our family is invited to this last class. With the help of a magnet, a compass and our family, we go on a scavenger hunt.




“Magnetic Earth Solar System” game: First paint the top side of a paper plate black. While it dries make a small earth and rocket shape out of adhesive backed foam or use construction paper. Attach a paper clip to the back of the earth and rocket to make them magnetic. Superglue a small magnet on the end of a popsicle stick to make a magnetic wand. Add a small sun to the middle of the plate using the adhesive backed foam or glue down a construction paper sun. Use a white colored pencil to add a moon and stars, then add planets and a star spectra to your solar system. Then put the magnetic wand under the plate and try to move the sun around the earth and the rocket to the moon!