Pattern Sequencing


Through printing sequences of patterns, we explore the fundamental arrangement of the elements. We focus on crystals learning how their molecules fit together in repeat patterns to form unique shapes. We examine crystals under microscope to see their structure. We grow crystals, making eggshell geodes.

IMG_0800A crystal (or crystalline solid) is a material that has its atoms, molecules or ions arranged in a highly organized three-dimensional pattern. The word comes from the Greek krustallos (ice or rock crystal). A single snow flake is a true crystal. Salts, like NaCl (sodium chloride, or table salt) also form true crystals, as does table sugar (sucrose) and many sugar substitutes. Ionic substances, like salts, form crystals made of alternating positive and negative ions, which form bonds based on strong electrostatic attractions. Their crystals have high melting points and are good conductors of electricity when dissolved or in their molten state.

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